Kansas City Life Lesson: Free Lunch Money Running Out For Local Students

Tragically, parents are earning an instructive reality check amid this era of American scarcity.

The Prez Biden Administration seems to be running out of cash to dispense just before the midterm campaign season. 

Accordingly . . . 

The fate and food of local students hangs in the balance as politicos bargain with the lives of po'folk. 

Take a look . . .

In March 2020, Congress gave the U.S. Department of Agriculture the authority to grant waivers making it easier for schools to feed kids.

When COVID forced schools to close their doors, the USDA was able to boost reimbursement rates and waive requirements that limited feeding students in congregate settings and at certain times.

As a result, school districts like KCPS could serve grab-and-go meals to students, even multiple days’ worth, at locations in the community — all while students were learning from home, during a time of extraordinary financial stress for their families.

But those waivers are set to expire at the end of June — lawmakers left them out of the latest federal spending bill.

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Kansas City schools say students still need free lunches, but federal help is disappearing soon

Schools around Kansas City have been able to provide meals to thousands of children for free, regardless of their family's income, thanks to federal legislation passed during the pandemic. Now, districts are worried that Congress will let those waivers expire.