Kansas City 'Build Back Better' Infrastructure Stimmy Almost Explained

There's a great deal of excitement over more free money making its way to Kansas City. 

Here's irrationally exuberant chatter which imagines metro cooperation that will NEVER happen amongst so many piggies fighting over this federally funded trough . . .

As a Kansas City regional leader recently put it, “America turns cartwheels” for competitive grants. If new grant guidelines were to offer 25 percent additional funding for communities that choose to work across borders to expand broadband or replace toxic lead pipes, we’d see back flips, with a twist.

Since most of the rules guiding the disbursement of the new and expanded federal infrastructure funding have yet to be written, it’s not too late to encourage bold experimentation. So if a community wants to work with its neighbors to scale up investments that simultaneously decrease costly flooding, clean up contaminated land and strengthen their smart grid, they should be financially encouraged to do so. If that requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy to design a joint grant application, let’s get to work.

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A Bigger Bang for the Infrastructure Buck

Last year, the Civic Federation uncovered some surprising information: Despite the official U.S. Census Bureau tally of 6,918 for the number of local governments in Illinois (already the highest number of any state), the actual number was 8,923. The reaction was shock ... followed by a yawn.