Right now we share a reader comment about politeness that was sent our way just moments ago. 

Since it's Sunday, we think it deserves some consideration from our better angels.

Here's the argument from an angry reader that likely overestimates the power of this fully armed & operational battle station blog: 

"Meth town" really?

"Stop the "Meth town" headline bullsh*t for every article about Independence. Makes you look like a moron. Dig a little for some journalism and stop trying to get clicks.  You don't have to add meth town to everything you write. It keeps people out of our businesses and cost people money. Makes us look bad as a city too, NOT EVERYONE DOES METH stop the portrayal of that meth narrative. If that's the best you can do you need to find a new career." 


First of all . . . We appreciate the compliment but blogging isn't a career. It's not even a very fun hobby.

More importantly . . .

Consider this:

If we stop using "Meth Town" to make fun of our neighbors . . . And for the purposes of cowtown satire as a welcomed break from all of the bad news we post . . .

Must we also refrain from using the equally hilarious "Sleaze Scummit" nickname?

Is it forbidden to call our 2nd favorite Midtown grocery store: Slum-Fresh???

And, let's not forget that we offered a worthwhile correction to Mayor Q who forgot that our beloved cowtown is known as "Killa City" to many residents. 

Like any woman unlucky enough to endure a semi-long-term relationship with TKC . . . Know that it's very unlikely that we'll change . . . However, we'll take any comments under consideration.

You decide . . .