Mayor Q Promises More Federal Money Amid Kansas City Black History Month Biz Tour

Today Mayor Q is visiting Black-owned biz throughout the urban core.

The social media-powered tour is generating clicks and eye-rolls.

Meanwhile . . . Here's his wish-list for federal cash and local talking points . . .

“Allow us more flexibility to tailor federal funding to meet local needs. … Housing, violence prevention and transportation are three areas where more funding, and more flexible funding, is particularly needed.” — Quinton Lucas, Kansas City, Mo.

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Violent crime to labor shortages: Mayors say Covid's toll on cities is far-reaching

A bipartisan gripe focused on state governments - particularly legislatures - interfering with how cities spend their money, a long-running tension magnified by the huge influx of federal pandemic relief dollars and, in some places, a spike in budget surpluses. Many said they would rather see the federal government wire money directly to local governments.