Kansas Sen. Marshall Selling Fauci 'Moron' Tees For Campaign Cash

Turnabout is fair play and for Friday afternoon we're impressed with a Kansas politico taking advantage of a fundraising opportunity.

Here are the basics . . .

"The T-shirts show a grumpy Fauci, arms folded, above the insult he hurled at Marshall during a heated Senate hearing. They sell for $29 with proceeds going to Marshall's campaign to be reelected as U.S. Senator for Kansas."

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Roger Marshall cashes in on Fauci's insult with 'moron' T-shirts

Sen. Roger Marshall's campaign is selling Fauci 'moron' T-shirts for $29 It marks their spat on Jan. 11 when Fauci testified before Congress Marshall pressed for his financial disclosures, which Fauci said were public At the end of their back and forth, Fauci thought the microphone was switched off and muttered: 'What a moron.