Beware: Kansas City Chiefs Boozing Culture Celebrated Via Social Media

If this was local TV news we'd warn readers to guard their youngsters against social media accounts of the baby mamas & assorted hotties marginally connected to the Kansas City Chiefs.


Because they're often boozing, bragging and then dancing like overgrown cheerleaders. 

But . . .

We're all adults here and the good times are mostly enjoyed by desperate working-class plebs who only wish they had that kind of cash & money to carouse, consume and squeeze themselves into luxury gear. 

And so we toast their brazen partying that might or might not come to an end quickly amid an always unpredictable playoff season . . .

Chiefs WAGs celebrate with 'TD shots' as team readies for NFL playoffs

With the Chiefs' regular season officially in the books, Kansas City's biggest fans are ready for the playoffs. During Saturday's AFC West showdown between the Chiefs and Broncos, Kayla Nicole and Sydni Paige, the significant others of tight end Travis Kelce and safety Tyrann Mathieu, respectively, toasted to the team as they watched the game from home.

For what it's worth, WAGS is kind of a classy term that American tabloids are borrowing from the Brits.

Generally, Kansas City fans aren't so generous with their terminology for the lady friends of local ballers.

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