Kansas City South Side Suffers 'Socialite' Council Lady

From the start of her career, voters have been skeptical about Andrea Bough.

During her campaign her challenger was outmatched by hundreds of thousands of dollars but still made a surprising showing via effective and scathing political cartoons which captured a great deal of attention throughout the metro. 

Now as she approaches reelection, there are more doubts regarding her tenure.

Here's one of our favorite . . .

"She did attend a council forum dressed as though she were stopping by on her way home from a yacht outing."

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Can a Ward Parkway Socialite Be a Good Councilwoman?

The answer appears to be a resounding no. Tony is soooooo right (Low Henergy Council Lady Andrea Bough Disappoints). Ms. Bough seems to have no idea of her responsibilities as a council person. She has simply turned her back on those living east of Blue River more than once and more than likely will again...