Much smarter people than TKC have warned about an economic threat that's looming across the nation.

Here in Kansas City the financial impact could hit harder than most places.

The basics . . .


The COVID real estate bubble seems complete and now homeowners are looking at the latest market shift. Historically, the impact of housing trouble impacts this cowtown a little bit later than other parts of the nation -- HOWEVER . . . All bets are off in the event of a crash.

Now . . .

TOP ECHELON insiders tell us that local guv is far behind the curve in coping with this drama that's already underway. 

For example . . . 

Jackson County plans on spiking property taxes in the very near future. Without pressure from the media, they're likely to believe their own B.S. - Meanwhile, the REAL VALUE of homes has already started to tumble.

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How Zillow got rocked by the housing market

After putting its home-buying business on hold in October, Zillow announced on Nov. 2 that it would be shutting down the operation for good and laying off a quarter of its staff. The news sent the company's shares down by about 10% the same day.

Moody's Says this is the New Housing Bubble

Credit rating agency Moody's Investor Service, has issued a warning to investors that the debt poses 'systematic risk'. The factors that Moody's sees sourcing that risk is an opaque market, eroding lending standards and liquidity concerns.

No one seems worried about a housing bubble. Just like last time the bubble burst

Housing prices are surging to new records with no end in sight. They're being fueled by historically low interest rates -- but also investors and economists' belief that the housing market has a unique ability to support runaway prices.

Housing Analyst Famous For Pre-Crash Warnings Is Concerned Again

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