Clay Chastain Trumpets Virginia Political Revolution For Kansas City!!!

This note just sent our way is important not only because Clay is a friend of a blog but also because he's a living in Virginia but serves as the most prolific petitioner in Kansas City history. 

Here's a hot take that's worth consideration . . . 

Clay Chastain: Virginia's political revolution is coming to Kansas City

Far left Democrats in Virginia don't want parents, like me, to have a say in what teachers teach their children. 

Far left Democrats in Kansas City don't want voters, like me, to have a say in deciding petitions from the people.

In rebuffing liberal control of Virginia for 12-years, voters there led the way in redirecting America's political pendulum toward sanity. In Kansas City, Clay Chastain's federal lawsuit against the City (for failure to place a valid petition on the ballot) aims to redirect Kansas City's political pendulum. Chastain and the Committee of Petitioners (COP) seek to preserve Ist Amendment-protected free speech in Kansas City by having the federal court order the City to present the petition to voters.

But while Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark prepares for the open (to public & media) "Bench Trial" to decide the case (4:20-cv-694RK), Kansas City's government has filed a last minute (Nov. 3) desperate motion to throw the case out. In its baseless and deceitful "Motion for Summary Judgment".
Defendant City tries to cast blame on Chastain and the COP as to why the City has refused to present the petition to voters for 925 days!

We the People must always be free to shift the political winds, usher in improvements and revise policies. It's our country, not the government's country. Chastain will soon file his historic reply brief. If successful, it will set in motion a political revolution in Kansas City and sea change to its future well being.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain

You decide . . .