Kansas City 'Spray & Pray' Mass Shooting Trend Threatens Innocent Lives

Thugs, fake tough guys and malcontents plaguing their community with gunfire and bad aim isn't a new trend in Kansas City but it seems to be getting worse.

From what we gather from movies, video games and listening intently to far more experienced friends & mentors: Killing somebody at point blank range is more difficult than most people realize.

Gunmen risk getting their sneakers dirty. 

It's easier to pull the trigger from far away.

Call it drive-by, spray & pray or drone strike . . . Killing from a distance is never sure thing. 

Just ask the families of 7 Afghan youngsters if there's any doubt about the inherent danger of 'over the horizon' murder. 

Accordingly . . . 


A quick theory . . . 

This philosophical shift wherein gunmen have less respect for innocent lives might be attributed to the impact of COVID-19. 

Hear me out . . . 

The pandemic separated us from our community, family and friends. Partisan feuding sought only victory by maligning and dehumanizing political opposition.

The plauge seems to have nearly killed empathy among our fellow Americans.

And so this "cultural shift" is playing out on Kansas City streets by way of rampant gunfire directed at rivals in particular and our community in general.

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Kansas City shooting victim's family says bowling double date ended in violence

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Three people were shot late Sunday outside of Ward Parkway Lanes , a bowling alley in Kansas City, Missouri. The mother of one of those young victims wants to know who should be held responsible. Jemica Williams, the mother of Avery Williams, said it went from a double date at the bowling alley to a shooting.

Family details shooting outside bowling alley as Kansas City man clings to life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The family of a gravely wounded 21-year-old man shot outside of a Kansas City bowling alley shared stories and expressed their love for him while also calling for justice. Avery Williams was one of three people hurt Sunday night just after 11 in the parking lot at Ward Parkway Lanes .

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