Rae's Café To Kansas City Mayor Lucas: You're A Disgrace!!!


Recently, Mayor Q engaged in a bit of racially charged joking at the expense of an embattled small biz struggling for their survival. 

The response didn't seem to find humor in the remarks . . .

So Mayor Quinton Lucas was just on 103.3 and said he doesn’t know what these white folks are doing out here in Blue Springs.  

Are you serious?  

The interview is on 103.3 

Mayor Quinton Lucas you are a DISGRACE.

Here's a nicer www.TonysKansasCity.com link to the show . . .

The Morning Grind With Shay & Shyne FULL SHOW 09.13.21

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And, via the best & brightest TKC readers here's Rae's latest fundraiser that even has a prayer button . . .


The 7K total not including Venmo donations is somewhat impressive.

Developing . . .