Overland Park Anti-Mask Affiliation Connected To Healthcare Honcho Resignation?!?!

Actually, this story is kind of gossip-y and not quite as important as our "journalist" friends might thing . . . Still, for easily-triggered people it's a reminder that there is a cost to social media activism.

Here's the waffling money line from local state-run media . . .

Although Krucial Staffing did not specify the reason for THE resignation as CEO, its news release suggests he was pushed out.

“Obviously being in the healthcare staffing business, we understand the importance of masks in hospitals and any medical setting,” the release stated. “As a company we work to ensure that all our healthcare personnel have the best protective equipment to keep them safe in their working environment.”

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Overland Park Nurse Staffing CEO Resigns After Questions About His Son's Anti-Mask Efforts

The CEO of an Overland Park-based medical staffing company that provides traveling nurses for pandemic-stricken hospitals has resigned after questions arose about his support of anti-mask initiatives. In a terse news release, Krucial Staffing said it had accepted Brian Cleary's resignation "(i)n light of events outside our business."