Council Dude Kevin O'Neill Loses Control Of Keyboard Whilst Insulting TKC!!!

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

There are many talented writers who read this blog every day and we value their corrections, suggestions and feedback. 

Sadly . . . 

Not everyone is a fan. 

Recently, a Kansas City council dude was just a bit hurtful and insensitive in regard to our blog community dedication to the local discourse and his curious anti-labor airport concessions vote despite a career of cashing checks mostly funded by union dues. 

Sure, we could get mad and repeat some of the background chatter calling him a worthless scab who would sell his underwear for the right price . . . But here at TKC we try to keep it classy. 

Accordingly . . .

Undoubtedly. Mr. O'Neill did read a recent post on TKC and his mean tweet unwittingly proves it . . .

The council dude doth protest too much. 

And whilst this blog is filled with typos and we don't condone the antics of grammar Nazis . . . We remain dedicated to watching city hall despite this unfair in impolite rebuke. 


Developing . . .