Mahomes Earns Shoe Victory Whilst Inflation Kills Kansas City Biz

Tonight we share a good reason for the working-class to watch their money just a bit more closely and avoid local consumer hype shared by the Kansas City mainstream media.

Check an important price tag resource as a local "hero" plays upon the envy of chubby middle-class young adults and so many other poor souls who are susceptible to Jedi mind tricks . . .

"The Adidas Mahomes 1 Impact FLX retails for $130."

Most sizes of Mahomes' new shoes sold out within 30 minutes

The day has come! Now you can run like MVPat - or at least you can wear the same shoes as the MVP quarterback. But you'll have to move almost as fast as teammate Tyreek Hill for your shot at those shoes.Patrick Mahomes' first signature shoe was released at 2 a.m.

Here's a peek at a real life football victory via news link . . . 


More importantly, a glimpse at the economy overall as the plebs still attempt to manage their cash amid mixed pandemic news . . . 

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Does the US economy need another $480 billion in stimulus?

The Federal Reserve is buying $120 billion in bonds per month, part of a package of emergency measures to prop up the US economy during the pandemic. But as activity returns to normal, is that level of support necessary?

Delta deals bigger blow to U.S. economy in August, but most businesses still upbeat

The numbers: U.S. businesses suffered some erosion in growth in August for the third month in a row owing to the rise of the delta variant and ongoing shortages of labor and materials, a pair of new surveys show.

US retail spending slumps 1.1% amid inflation and rising COVID cases

Retail sales fell 1.1% in July from June in a surprise drop that worries economists Rising COVID cases kept shoppers at home and inflation is deterring buyers Auto sales fell the most as a chip shortage hampers vehicle production Clothing, furniture and sporting goods sales were also down in July

Brace yourself - inflation's coming back stronger than ever

The Federal Reserve insists that the current price inflation is " transitory ." Every sign points in the opposite direction, however, and we need to understand the economic and political implications of what is about to begin - an era of high inflation.

For everyday Americans, inflation is a double blow to bank accounts

For the past few months, the price of everything from groceries to cars to clothing has increased, straining budgets for households across the country. At the same time, savings have become less valuable, hitting Americans with a double blow to their bank accounts.

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