Kansas City Social Media Trolls Target Right-Wing Donut Shop

The online rumor mill runs non-stop but we notice that so-called "progressives" are working overtime in attacks against the reactionary owners of a Raytown establishment. 

Disclaimer: TKC can't really find any "good guy" in this situation but that's the interesting part. 

Remember that a local donut dude shared his thoughts about immigration & COVID and suffered well-deserved smackdown.

The latest from TKC . . .

Widely-distributed social media rumor about a worker at a Raytown establishment coming down with COVID has earned celebration from some truly awful people online.

Officially, there is no confirmation that anybody is sick. Here at TKC , regardless of politics, we want EVERYBODY to make it through this plague . . . Even if we disagree with their viewpoints vehemently.

However . . .

It's disheartening to see to many local forums rejoice in rumored hard times for a small biz - A trend that we never would have imagined before the outbreak of COVID.

Developing . . .