Kansas City Faith Blogger Solves Afghanistan Crisis

TKC doesn't really need to blog today. A better Kansas City blogger, faith writer and longtime newsman has figured it all out. 

 Here's the word . . .

"Once again, one of the clear lessons here is to avoid or stand against religious, racial or any other kind of extremism. Radicalism led to 9/11, to the murder of nine Black people at prayer in a cathedral in South Carolina, to multiple lynchings of Black people in U.S. history, to the murder of the son and father of my friend Mindy Corporon and the wife of my friend Jim LaManno at Jewish sites in Kansas City and to countless other catastrophes, including the Holocaust itself.

"Often such extremism is rooted in fear, which in turn is rooted in ignorance. And when we have political leaders promoting both fear and ignorance, the problem gets only worse."

Somebody get this guy an ambassadorship.

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