Amanda Adkins Connects Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids To Afghanistan FAIL

In scathing rebuke of Prez Biden . . . This Kansas conservative contender questions Democratic Party leadership from the Beltway to her backyard.

Here's the latest blast that shows local politicos will now have to confront international issues . . .

Amanda Adkins: “What is the plan, Mr. President?”


I am concerned. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the United States service men and women who died in the attacks at the airport in Kabul.

Sharice Davids commented that “we lacked accurate intelligence and proper planning.” The rest of us look at the terrible situation in Afghanistan and see a Biden Administration failure unfolding into a humanitarian tragedy.

With so much at stake, I have a simple question: What’s the plan?

We took their word when the Taliban said that Afghanistan would not return as a base of international terrorism. The U.S. negotiation was based on a “commitment” from the Taliban, yet we are reminded that the Taliban harbored Osama Bin Laden.

Women will be oppressed. Afghan women who have fought hard for their freedom and gains, will once again be beaten, barred from getting an education, and victims of civilian massacres.

An economy rooted in illegal drugs. It is estimated that a majority of Taliban funding comes from narcotics including opium.  This recent collapse may well result in increased focus on drug profits that will once again make them one of the largest funded terrorist organizations in the world.

Is it the new policy that the United States should negotiate with terrorists? While the Biden Administration continues to “negotiate” with the Taliban from a point of weakness, don’t be surprised if other countries - like China - take advantage of this situation and call into question the value of American partnership.

KS-03 voters deserve better than to listen to Sharice Davids make excuses for failed foreign policy.

-Amanda Adkins


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