Kansas Farm Life Comeback After COVID

With respect to the most iconic and newsworthy image ever shared of hottie Marissa, we offer this interesting report on Americans returning to their rural roots as a reaction to the plague.

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Agricultural land sales in Kansas totaled 420,578 acres in 2020, 15% greater than the 2019 value, according to the Kansas State University Kansas Land Value Book, which examined agricultural property from 2015 through 2020.

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Multimillion-dollar ranch for sale in central Kansas highlights the desire for moving to the country

A prized gem in the plains just went on the market for $32 million. This 2,200- acre hunting venue is spread across five counties in central Kansas. "Hooray Ranch is one of the biggest (agricultural recreation facility) ones for sale," said Tom McFarlane, Whitetail Properties Real Estate land specialist who is listing the property.