Sexist Kansas City Star Slams 'Hysteria' Amid Defund The Police Fight

The Kansas City resistance to sketchy budget "reallocation" of police funds (read: defund) is being led by some of the strongest women on the city council. 

Namely, Teresa Loar and Heather Hall have organized hundreds of voters in rallies and aligned with conservative forces in D.C. to gain traction against police defund efforts.

In a reactionary screed, today the so-called paper of record uses loaded language to describe their leadership and relies on sexist terminology to cobble together a misguided talking point.

Reference for this politically incorrect term . . . 

Vogue: What It Really Means When You Call a Woman “Hysterical”

Money line . . . 

"Hysteria was declassified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association in the 1950s, and thankfully there is, at present, no legal defense for locking women in the attic and calling the exorcist. But what has persisted across generations is the desire to shame those who challenge authority as disturbed and diseased; Unconventional women who express dissent and passion will still be mocked."

Accordingly, check today's intolerant newspaper attack that offends our panty/lingerie blogging sensibilities . . . Even worse, the newspaper also presents a fantasy that Mayor Q will find any sympathy among the GOP super-majority in Jeff City . . . Suckers/subscribers who fund the paywall can read more:

KC's Quinton Lucas needs Jeff City allies to cut through 'defund the police' hysteria

The critical funding dispute between Mayor Quinton Lucas and the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners is now in court, where logic and common sense should prevail.