Katz Drugstore Developers Demand Taxpayer Cash

Here's the latest on the effort to restore Kansas City history by way an iconic building that will mostly serve to benefit real estate speculators and suckers who pay too much for overpriced condos. 

Here's a preview of today's slap fight in front of the Neighborhood & Planning committee . . .

"Lux Living is asking for up to $32 million in taxable industrial development revenue bonds. Discounts on property taxes would be in place as the developer repays the bonds."

Check-it . . .

Redevelopers of Katz Drug Store ask KCMO for tax breaks

Wednesday afternoon, the Kansas City, Missouri, Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee will get its first look at a proposed ordinance that developers say will help pay for plans to build apartments on the old Katz Drug Store property near Main Street and Westport Road.