Kansas City Star Advocates For Plaza Rioters One Year Later

The newspaper offers suckers subscribers in-depth coverage, perspective and analysis from locals who took to the street because they were angry about what they witnessed on TV.

Sadly, some of the other damage from this "mostly peaceful" riot was downplayed.

Remember that our blog community broke news about ONE MILLION BUCK PRICE TAG immediately following the tumultuous demonstrations.

"The police’s response during the weekend has taken a financial toll. KCPD Cheif Smith said 13 police cars suffered $85,000 in damage; medical treatment for injured officers tallied $100,000; increased staffing and overtime cost an additional $600,000."

Here's the newspaper's side of the story that wants even more amnesty that what was already passed by Mayor & council . . .

'I never committed a crime': a year after George Floyd, KC protesters face jail time

Christopher Bizzle leads Kansas City-based Black Rainbow, a group that regularly denounces police brutality. He could end up in jail for exercising his right to protest peacefully. The 23-year-old Kansas City man has been charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct in separate incidents.