Kansas City Redistricting Fight Sneak Peek

This one applies locally if only because map drawing season will threaten Congressman Cleaver and push urban core progressives into the same pool as rural neighbors.

Of course this whole thing will be settled in court but moving public opinion on the topic is part of the plan given that both Missouri & Kansas are controlled by GOP super majorities. 

Check a couple of big picture quick links on the topic . . .

How Democrats are 'unilaterally disarming' in the redistricting wars

Yet what happened this spring in Oregon is just one example, though perhaps the most extreme one, of a larger trend vexing Democratic strategists and lawmakers focused on maximizing the party's gains in redistricting.

'An abysmally stupid move': Democrats complain the party is botching the nationwide redistricting battle

Over the last decade, Democrats in key states have relinquished control of redistricting to "independent commissions ... free of partisan interference," a decision made for the sake of "good government" that could, however, affect the left's ability to hold onto their majority in 2022, writes. Despite agreeing that redistricting reform is needed, Rep.

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