Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Hates Facebook More Than Your Drunk Uncle

Whilst we respect the Jr. Senator . . . His crusade against "big tech" seems a tad silly if only because his new book is promoted via social media channels and for sale on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Parler never really became a thing despite so many unfulfilled promises from middle-aged white dudes that they would leave Facebook and find their own right-wing-friendly echo chamber.

Reality check . . . Social media of every kind is mostly just garbage wherein users willingly post bombastic opinions that might be used against them one day.

Still, the Senator's conspiracy theories merit some attention and serve to distract from real problems in Missouri that can't be solved by putting down your mobile phone.

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Can you blame him? That's the thing about liberal big tech if you don't support their communism the will censor your speech. Kinda like the bully on the playground. Little do they know that's not legal but under fake Joe Biden they get by with it.

  2. Never have I enjoyed ignoring someone as much as the Senator from Virginia.

  3. Meanwhile Tony loves Google and Facebook, without them he would be more of a nothing than he already is.

  4. The Big Tech boys think they have awfully big britches and much larger cojones, but the hammer of the law and Freedom of Speech will come down hard on them one day.

  5. Silly Shit now claims he "doesn't remember if he saluted any of the Rioters", despite the photos of him doing exactly that.

    Oh, well, just another embarassment of the People of Missouri from our Senator who hasn't lived here since he graduated from High School.

    Isn't he lucky that he has access to all of the "Big Tech" to complain about how Big Tech is censoring and trying to silence him?

  6. Hawley is better than the stinking j--s running social media.
    He has my contribution and vote.

  7. "Parler never really became a thing despite so many unfulfilled promises..." Really? It couldn't possibly be that Parler's rise to critical mass was disrupted by being banned by Apple, Google, and Facebook. Fuck you and your libtard talking points, Tony.

  8. Parler was growing quickly until Amazon colluded with Facebook, Twitter, and the Communist Democrat Party and pulled the servers from Parler.

    Parler would probably be at least 40% the size of Facebook if that had not occured.

    Hopefully, in 2022 a red tide will break up the Tech Oligarchs. At least take away their exemption from being sued which is ridiculous that a billionaire like Zuckerberg and Jack Ass Dorsey have this protection.

  9. "Communist Democrat Party"

    I spotted a chucklowe

  10. There's obviously more to it than this and there are plenty of disagreement about how it would actually look but these are the basic things communists want:

    Workers controlling the means of production.

    A cashless, classless society

    Some flavors also want a stateless society
    Does any of that sound like the American Democratic party? If it does I want what you're smoking.

  11. He needs to come to Missouri once in a while and find out the problems his constituents are truly facing on a daily basis - and it ain't Facebook!

  12. 12:08: Nope.

  13. Why did Zuckerberg give hundreds of millions of dollars to Georgia and Pennsylvania to manage their elections? What the hell did they do with all that money?... pretty sure it did not help Trump.

    1. Glad you asked, 1;48. Take Chester County in Pennsylvania, for example. They used the grant money to buy 14 drop boxes for ballots, pay staff to watch those sites and purchase body cameras that recorded employees collecting ballots from the drop boxes. They also spent a large portion of the grant on additional equipment and people to ensure that ballots were mailed out and counted quickly. The county processed 150,000 mail ballots for the November election in 36 hours. Without the new equipment and personnel it would have taken a week or longer.

      On the other hand your hero Trump was the master of his own undoing.

      That answer your question, little chucklowe?

    2. Oh that’s right, my dead aunt from Chester County voted. Like all Libtards, if they couldn’t cheat they can’t win. Great narrative @7:19. You confirmed what most of us know, the money went to scamming the voters. Nice job.

    3. Oh arghlowe, you're as predictable as the sunrise. But stick to your narrative if it's all you've got, which it sure seems to be.

      Nobody's entertaining the ol' stolen election saw except a few retarded chucklowes anymore.


  14. the horror of "1984" has come to America--with Big Brother (Big Tech) controlling free speech--

    no book burnings necessary..just ruling over what can and cannot be said on social media..

  15. Perhaps Hawley in 2024 if there's anything left in this country. It will be sadly amusing to see the stupids crying as inflation fucks up their sjw life styles.

    Keep those monopoly presses runnin' 24/7 Joe to fool the "ignerts".

  16. Facebook is society cancer. They are evil. You have no idea what they're doing with all your data. I don't have Facebook because I work for a silicon valley tech company and I know what they do with your date. There will be a day that your existence will be what they say it is. You'll lose control of your identity. The data they're collecting and what they know about would blow your mind. They're scraping all your IP data, browser history, all of it. They have a profile on you and know you better than your know yourself.


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