Kansas City Star Pens Love Letter To Dr. Rex

The so-called paper of record offers tribute to a controversial health honcho who announced his retirement this week.

Our KICK-ASS READERS broke the news. But here's the so-called paper-of-record attempting to control the narrative . . .

Thanks, Dr. Rex Archer. Kansas City would be lucky to find another leader like you

A snippet . . .

"His willingness to talk frankly about what was going well and what wasn’t earned him respect from institutions and individuals looking for guidance. 

"He also took a lot of abuse from those who insisted falsely that the pandemic just wasn’t that big a deal."

Fact . . .


The best worst example is when Dr. Rex argued that Prez Trump should be locked up amid election season.

Moreover . . .

Legit criticism of Dr. Rex and City Hall noted that small biz was unfairly targeted and shut down whilst box stores made their own rules and were basically untouched by 12th & Oak.

The legacy of Dr. Rex deserves better reporting and op/ed journalism than just a polite cowtown thank you note. An honest discussion of objections would help the public pick make an informed pick on a replacement.

Sadly, dead-tree media is content to share a cliché perspective as if they were some kind of blogger.

You decide . . . 


  1. Red Star and Doctor Leftist doom is all I needed to see. Screw 'em both.

  2. "He also took a lot of abuse from those who insisted falsely that the pandemic just wasn’t that big a deal."

    Look, everybody! He mentioned me!

  3. Too much destruction of human liberty and well-being by Libtard overreach. That will be Wrecks Archer's legacy.

  4. Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.


  5. I'm Dr Fauci and I said there was going to be a pandemic on Trumps watch. I crated and worked on the virus that is really a bacterium. Now the vaccine is an assault on the people of the world. I'm Dr Fauci and I approve the assault on you all.

  6. A destroyed entertainment and hospitality industry in KCMO that will likely take decades to rebuild, a burgeoning homeless population, and an increase in deadly violence across the city will also be Wrecks Archer’s legacy.

  7. A lot of lives saved; a lot of chucklowes pissed off about petty nonsense. THAT will be Dr. Archer's legacy.

  8. Unsafe drinking water, streets littered with feces, bleach poured on homeless people food, destroyed restaurant and entertainment industry in KC will be Dr. Quack Quack Archer's legacy.

    Government bureaucrat who never started, nurtured and owned a business in his life; he totally lived off the taxpayer's tit.

  9. Almost forgot about this guy bleaching food!

    That is his real legacy.

  10. Archer is a worthless piece of shit that cannot even administer a band aid.

  11. Actually the plandemic wasn’t that big a deal, only around 38,700 people in kc got the Kung foo flu, that’s less than 8% of the entire city and that’s over a 15 month time frame for which they used eight counties and two cities in two different states mind you to scare the uneducated and mindless dimwit followers into believing that we were gonna die any second “if” bullshit. Wrecks was the main culprit of the doom and gloom conspiracy he helped to needlessly instill fear into people for a virus, much like the flu had less than a half percent of killing you.

    History will tell us wrecks, lickass and the dimwit party did this for total power and control, there was also plenty of federal money to pocket as well. Take fauci as an example, he’s invested and made millions off of the pharmaceutical company’s selling the vaccines. Bidumb, peeloosie, shoemer and a multitude of dimwit politicians have also made big bank from the pharmaceutical companies but you dumbass dimwit followers refuse to see the truth and you idiots deserve to be gang raped by these political hacks.

    Less than .2% of killa shitties population supposedly died from covid so....

  12. The old straw man argument from the Star op-ed echo chamber. Everyone who questioned the effectiveness of wiping down groceries and wearing masks outside or thought kids should go back to school after the curve flattened is a DENIER!!! This brave man stood against the heathen. Barf

  13. Rex did what he needed to do- If it hadn't been a election year, it probably wouldn't have been so political.

    Remember - when Covid19 hit, NO ONE knew anything about the virus and there was a critical shortage of PPE - Tired of both sides being back seat quarterbacks.

    At least he TRIED to Keep the community safe and do the right thing .

    However, if it wasn't for Rex and that of Lee Normans last March -
    KC would have been even harder hit.

    Interesting, Brazil and India are fighting for their lives today. While here in KC, we are bitching because we had to wear face mask and cancel a few sporting events last year.

    I know it hurt businesses , it has affected us ALL.
    But we still have active cases in the region.

    Be smart and where a mask when indoors around folks that haven't been vaccinated.

    Common Sense will go along way to helping to keep the region healthy.

    1. Nah. Political hack that miuthed absurdities and contradictions, using his power with criminal negligence to carelessly ruin lives.

  14. The Star's 4 readers appreciate the sentiment.

  15. I can forgive anybody for being wrong about this pandemic because everybody, no matter how "expert" was wrong about it. What I cannot abide is how political the "experts" became. Contrary to some people's opinions, Donald Trump was not sneaking around in the dead of the night infecting people. He also did not have the power to wave his magic wand and fix the problem. Biden is taking credit for the swift action on vaccinations, rightfully so. But Trump set up the play for him. Why can't we be happy and grateful that they were both paying attention and working to solve the problem? Leaders of some countries of the world did not. No matter the mistakes, at least we got that part right.

  16. Representative Fart and Swallow-well5/6/21, 2:03 PM

    As a conservative who wouldn't even use the Red Star for cage liner, I think 1:33 is correct. I detest libs and democrapic government overreach, but we seem to have ducked the bullet vs India, for example.

    We will not know for sure, but chances are this man may have saved many lives.

    Now I await the many doctors' comments who are on here daily.

    1. We also don't know how many lives were negatively affected by this irresponsible public official's hysteria. The proof of that life-saving is awfully hard to establish when many commununities with very different ways of handling the health crisis did well.

  17. When the KC Star writes a glowing article about someone, you know that person hurt a lot of people.

  18. It does not take a rocket scientist to run around telling everyone to wear a mask. And come to find out the consensus is mask wearing did very little to slow down the China virus.

  19. Mayor 10-10-10 got the blame but Wrecks Archer got the name. He Wrecked the economy. He wrecked the schools. He wrecked the city. He should have consented to return to normal as quickly as possible, as soon as we knew the hospitals would not be overwhelmed, which was very early on.

  20. If he'd stayed more apolitical, he's efforts (whether misguided or appropriate) could be judged on their own... But he didn't. He used his platform and spoke in his capacity as a (suppossedly) non-partisan official to condemn one party, often with screeds with absolutely no possible connection to his public health duties. He will be remembered by many as nothing but a partisan hack, and rightly so.

  21. A financially and morally bankrupt publication grovels at the smelly feet of a morally bankrupt city government retiree. His fat city pension will buy him plenty of masks.

  22. There are no main stream voices in Kansas City. That is a joke. Businesses and people are leaving Kansas City. It is not a quality place to live. The City of Kansas City is failing. And is failing at an increasing rate of decline.

  23. ^^And yet the population of Kansas City has increased for a decade and you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. Weird.


  24. 1:33 is a Communist Democrat shill for Dr. UnSexy Rexy Archer.

    Your fellow Communists, known as Communist China is waging biological warfare against India.

    India had the audacity to challenge Communist China so China up the dosage on the Corona Virus from their Wuhan Lab.

    Hopefully, India will nuke China. Joe Biden and the Communist Democrats will fold like a tent without their Communist sponsor.

  25. Lol the star’s four editorial page readers

    What a stupid editorial. Weakest editorial section has ever been is now
    They have no inside info at all

    Archer was deeply despised by health dept ranksnot trusted

    Mayors office little better. Bad communication and messaging all around.

    He wasn’t good and all are wishing he had retired a year ago


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