Show-Me Prez Biden Tribute To Connected Old School Missouri Carnahan Political Fam

Whilst our progressive friends protest and yell in the street about whatever their social media feed dictates . . . Democratic Party insiders approve of this reward to a longtime Missouri establishment politico.

Meanwhile, we keep trying to convince readers that partisan politics is for suckers. There is only power and the powerless . . . Don't bother guessing which side you and everybody you know occupies.

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Biden to nominate former Missouri secretary of state to head General Services Administration

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Joe Biden is expected to nominate a former Missouri secretary of state to head the General Services Administration. Jake Sherman, an NBC political analyst, reported Tuesday that Robin Carnahan will earn the nomination. Biden is nominating Robin Carnahan to run GSA Carnahan was secretary of state of Missouri.


  1. Thought she was dead, last I heard she had cancer real bad


  2. Well that's nice she will be nominated illegitimately Biden is not the president.

    Someone must have beat her with an ugly stick she's hard to look at.

  3. She is equally as bad as that hairy dude in the gold chains that took a pic in his suite at the GSA convention in Vegas then asked what the problem was.

  4. Is her only qualification for the job that of being the daughter of a party hack?

  5. It looks Queer enough to be on Bidens / Obummers dreamsickle team. Team Rainbow koolaid hair misfits from the island of no return team. Dude looks like a lady- Aerosmith

  6. Wearing the bulldyke earrings I see.


    Robin Carnahan's father died in an airplane crash, her mother took his seat in the U.S. Senate, her brother served in the MO House, and she served as MO Secretary of State.


    Tianna Coleman's father died while deployed to Iraq, her mother took a second job to support the family, her brother enlisted in the military upon high school graduation, she became the first in her family to graduate from college.

    Democrats look at the Carnahan family and don't see White Privilege.

  8. Well, the Carnacrats definitely aren’t the embodiment of old school political patronage and corruption. Good choice!


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