Less Than Half Of Kansas City Chiefs Have Taken COVID Vaxx So Far

Interestingly, the rate of vaccination among Kansas City Chiefs trails behind stats for the American public.

Listen to recent comments and notice a bit of hesitancy from players who totally depend on their physical abilities to earn their pay . . . Read more:

About a quarter of the Chiefs' roster has been vaccinated against COVID-19

At this writing, just over 25% of Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Over half of the adult population has received at least one dose of the various vaccines that are available to help halt the spread of the disease.


  1. Why would low middle age athletes, most arguably in prime shape, have even the slightest concern with a flu that they would have zero effects from?


  2. Of course not they know who is behind the vaccine and they know there has been silence on the convulsions, full body rashes, brain damage, blood clots, and death. And if you woke people think Mahomes took that vaccine you're damn stupid.

  3. 2:11...everything you said is a lie.

  4. The Chiefs would lecture us on how important it is to get the vaccine but won’t do it themselves. Woke team and woke owner. The NFL is another organization imposing it’s political views into a place they don’t belong.

  5. Vaccine is leaky anyway. Still get covid and still give covid with vaccine.


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