Kansas Labor Website Crashes Again

The latest pandemic FAIL to payout amid the ongoing plague.

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Kansas labor department's website down, another frustration for people filing unemployment

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas Department of Labor website was down again Friday as the agency continues to struggle with technical issues. Some people already frustrated with the unemployment system wonder if the problems will ever be corrected.


  1. In the past, a Elderly friend paid in years on a 6 figure salary. They filed and kept having problems not receiving anything. Upon checking further into it, Kansas fuckinidiot dept of labor had been scammed out of this person's years of paid in benefits, by a person in another state ( very common in NJ, NY and Florida scammers).. KS dept of fuck idiots review boards answer being, "well , it's paid out already , it's your ad luck. ' Funny idiots of the rainbow affirmative action, you are the stewards of this person's benefits. You would be liable. GO back to protesting and avoiding work. Sorry for your inconvience on losing an elderly person's year of paid in on a large salary. Please help the scammers get it instead.

  2. The subliminal message is "Our website don't work and neither should you."

  3. Laura Kelly is an incompetent governor and needs to be replaced as governor in 2022. She is on par with Sam Brownback for worst governor in Kansas history. It is a good thing that idiot Krissy Kobach didn't win in 2018 or he would have been an even worse governor. Can we have a celebrity run for governor in 2022? Maybe that nice kid actor from Overland Park? (what's his name...?).


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