Kansas City Newsman Considers Americans Losing Faith Amid COVID Pandemic

Mr. Tammeus has covered "faith matters" for decades so his opinion on the future for organized religion in the U.S. merits attention.

He advocates change in light of recent news that most Americans have abandoned church membership.

Highlight and prescription for the faithful . . .

"They must reinvent themselves to be true to their traditions even while finding new ways to share their core convictions and the actions that flow from those convictions with others. Which is much more difficult than many people imagine because within settled religious traditions there is a tendency to resist change, especially among those people who imagine that any change compromises their faith. So they can remain on their sinking boat or find ways to sail on in new ways."

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Is religion slowly disappearing in the U.S.?

The American religious landscape, once a landslide for Christianity, especially Protestant versions of it, continues to change, and only God knows what it will look like in 50 or 100 years. What we do know is that the number of...


  1. Religion has had good run with it's pie in the sky bull shit. Civilized people can maintain without it but the darker ya skin the more you need sky daddy to keep your dumb ass in line. As evidenced by our current murder and burn loot and murder mentality embraced by the godless Karencratic abortion party.

  2. Churches were packed after9-11 government needed a lie to close them but keep open wal-mart and all the big box stores.


  3. Oh Give Me A Break. Since when has this radical been able to read minds. Faith has been stronger in Christians now than ever before. The only people he could be talking about are those who claim faith but have none. They treat God as if he's a slot machine. When things get tough they cry.

  4. Bill is the furthest thing from a 'newsman'. More of an 'insipid woke opinion man'.

  5. It is disappearing, and contrary to 1:21, white folks do not just naturally maintain a moral and civil order. The lack of religion erodes the moral foundation of any society and leads into fascist and communist control, where the ultimate authority is man rather than the thought of some supreme being. Western moral values lead to the success of the world. All previous great societies had a moralistic order where a "supreme being" established laws of society. The democrat party worships at the alter of man, as do communists.

  6. It’s not disappearing at all, you just can’t tell the violent left that you are religious and go to church because they will harass, threaten, ridicule and even kill you for being a religious person, they want religion and believers removed from the face of the earth.

    The despicable dimwits are satan worshippers and want you dead.

  7. ^^^And yet that would depend on your definition of "religious." Weird.

  8. @3:06PM-Nah, they just want YOU dead. Hell, even your family wants that!

  9. Faith in God has never been higher amoung those that died of Covid19 or violent crime. Or actually anyone that has ever passed away over the centuries. The Bible says that even Satan and his demons believe in God!

    The only unbelievers are those that are alive today and ignore the complex existance and creation of this universe, as made by God.

    Ask those people this - would you become a faithful devoted Christian if I proved 100% beyond any doubt to you and the whole world that God and Christ exists just as in the Bible?
    WELL MANY PEOPLE WOULD STILL ANSWER NO! THEY WANT TO IGNORE GOD AND DO THEIR OWN THING, and God will let you. God has never once dragged someone screaming, kicking and resisting into heaven and forced them to stay there. Many people would love to go to heaven - BUT ONLY if God was never there!

  10. Muslims have faith in Allah because he sucks goat dick.

  11. Surely not. Hang another rainbow flag at the door of every church in the Metro. Wonder why people are running away. Think it's bad to use a rainbow flag as an example? Insert NRA flags instead. Churches have become a political statement not a place of worship.

  12. but storefront churches everywhere y'all


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