Saturday, April 17, 2021


A simple idea that doesn't involve as much government data mining as the first 100 million doses is now underway.

Here's freebie medical info for people who might have second thoughts about the unhinged rantings of their loser drunk uncle.

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More Kansas City area COVID-19 vaccine clinics taking walk-ins as supply increases

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - It's getting easier to get a COVID-19 vaccine in the Kansas City metro. Several locations across the metro are now hosting walk-in vaccine clinics. Data from Missouri shows about 1 in 3 residents have their first COVID shot, and in Kansas, over 35% of residents have received at least one dose.


Anonymous said...

They are running out of fools.

Anonymous said...

The blacks won’t take it, Dey be scared of dem needles and stuff

Anonymous said...

I heard blacks won’t take the vaccine because the Fat fake revruns told them not too, they also said it would sterilize them and they won’t be able to get welfare and food stamps because they can’t have baby hoodrats. It’s true, go ask the idiot hoodrats yourself, they’ll tell you so.

I tell them bill gates is behind the vaccines and they should “trust” him! Hahahahaha!