Here's a not-so-bold cowtown prediction . . .


I've made a few predictions over the course of this blog and so far they've all turned out accurate if only about a decade later.

And so, readers will have to check in every day for the next 10 years to see if we're right.

The inspiration for this prediction was a story in today's newspaper that offered absolutely NO detail . . .

Guadalupe Centers CEO on leave during investigation at Kansas City Latino organization

Fun fact . . . There is no outside "investigation" or at least none that the so-called paper of record could document.

Don't worry about the paywall, the Star didn't come up with any worthwhile coverage.

We're actually waiting on followup from KC Hispanic News on this one given that doughy white middle-class reporters door knocking on the Westside rarely offer much insight. 

The reality of this news is common knowledge for insiders but we'll spare the deets.

Here are the highlights . . .

- There's little trust in new leadership at Guadalupe Centers and most people familiar with the situation have no confidence in Beto Lopez or Cici Rojas and their tactics. 

- The COVID pandemic was responsible for the leadership transition without a succession plan - Normally we don't like talking about medical deets but one of our dear neighborhood gossips has already told everyone about this not-so-fun fact. Twice. 

- Guadalupe Centers loses their political connections, neighborhood credibility and nearly all of their operational knowledge with Cris Medina out of the picture.

Again, the deets of the personnel drama aren't really that exciting and most people are far more concerned with the future of an organization that has served the community for more than 100 years. 

As a personal aside, we're actually impressed that both factions refrained from spilling their guts to the newspaper. So far. 

More importantly . . . 

Guadalupe Centers have been the heart of the metro Latino community for more than a century and now there is a very real threat that one of the largest minority groups in Kansas City will be without any real voice, advocacy or even a decent fiesta organizer. 

The only entertainment we can scrounge out of all this is an influx of so many interlopers pretending to represent the community as yet another longtime institution fades from relevance.

Developing . . .


  1. Good write up but I think you're forgetting about Mattie Rhodes Center. They are poised to increase their footprint and the progressive like they're laid back style far more.

    1. Cris should run for council. I may disagree with him a lot but he knows a lot more about the 4th District than Eric Bunch.

    2. You’ve got to be kidding. Fierro is a joke and turned on his own people.

  2. Times change. Maybe hispanics don't need to be told how to vote.

  3. Times change and neighborhoods changed. Bigger Spanish speaking communities are in KCK and Northeast KC not the west side.

  4. That is the problem with successful immigrants. They become Americans, not irishmen, Italians, or Latinos (or whatever is woke to call Spanish speakers nowadays). They are "invading" Roeland Park, and property values are soaring. I will be sorry to see Guatalupe Center disappear, but they actually are fulfilling their mission. Second and third generation Spanish speaking immigrants do not have a burning need for their services anymore.

  5. What a shame that they couldn't have worked this out better.

  6. Are we talking about the "LATIN-X" people here?

    This has got to have something to do with racism, right?

    Guadalupe Center Lives Matter?


    Do we need a "Latino Hair" anti-discrimination ordinance?


  7. So, I got up and strolled over to the other side of the cantina
    I asked the guy, why you so fly? He said, "Funky Cold Medina"

    Funky Cold Medina

    fun oldie by Tone Loc..


  8. --had to take a break from watching hoops..where the courts have huge "equality" signage..

    but..9 out of 10 players are black!

  9. It was my understanding that they didn't just help Latino's. Just because they can't get it together at the moment, it doesn't mean they are not still needed. With what is going on at the southern border, this is not a good time for them to drop the ball.

    No todos los anglosajones son enemigos. Algunos de nosotros tenemos empatía y esperamos que superes estos tiempos difíciles. La mañana está llegando a Estados Unidos y nuestro futuro parece brillante.

  10. Mmmmmmmm still banging three immigrant illegal women in Olathe. Each from Guatemala and each dumb as a box of rocks..... me luv u long time. Thank u embassy suites for hiring such illegal dumb women. lOL


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