State Senator Mike Thompson Protects Kansas From Antifa Attackers On Fox News

To date, protester attacks on public utilities in Kansas hasn't been much of a problem EXCEPT for people who watch too much cable news. That's Not to say that recent legislation isn't necessary, but maybe not as important as helping to many Kansans who STILL haven't received the unemployment insurance for which they've paid into over years & decades.

Anyhoo, here's a former weatherman working to troll his social media followers . . . Read more:

Senate bill adds new penalties on infrastructure hooligans suffering from 'ignorance' | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - The Kansas Senate endorsed a bill Monday creating new crimes for damage at public or private infrastructure facilities caused by trespassers and justified escalation in the criminal code by pointing to a need to shield unsophisticated Kansans from themselves and to deter spread of radical environmental or justice protests.


  1. Why involve law enforcement at all? Much better would be a law allowing use of deadly force in defense of valuable property. That might make even Antifa think twice about breaking windows and burning buildings.

  2. According to many websites, Nebraska is eyeing northern Kansas for expansion. That's the kinda stuff that Mike and the gang should be dealing with.

  3. Antifa need to be hunted and jailed in Gitmo for being the enemy combatants that they are. Politicians that played handmaidens to them should be tried for treason and exiled.

  4. Good for Mike and colleagues....keep it movin'

  5. Seldom does a man have such intelligence and the ability to articulate so well without a big ego. It's good to have Mike working in Topeka.

  6. A tire iron to the head solves attitude problems.

  7. We don't need more laws! Existing laws already address trespassing, criminal destruction of property, etc. Regardless, ever new law should be accompanied by repeal of a law.


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