Show-Me Pudgy Preacher Commanding Missouri Wives To Lose Weight & Look Pretty

There's no doubt that we do live in culture that puts a premium on attractiveness. But that works both ways. 

Accordingly, this fleshy man of God MIGHT be unjustly casting the first stone with beauty advice without first looking in a mirror. 

Then again, TKC isn't one to judge given that this blogger with a widely varied waistline loathes to change baseball caps annually.

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Missouri pastor slammed for telling wives to 'lose weight,' 'look less butch' to keep husbands

(Meredith) - A Missouri pastor is on leave after he gave a sermon that many people say was sexist, misogynistic and inappropriate. Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark took a leave of absence Tuesday from First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri - located in the state's southeast boot heel - after receiving widespread criticism for his sermon given in late February.


  1. The wind from Roger Stones Ass3/5/21, 10:36 PM

    Calling all CrapAnonys!!!
    Mar.4 has come and gone.....
    what happend to your GOLDEN'RUMPMONKEY?
    Is he in the Wh.Hs.?
    If not, why not?
    Calling all tRumpMonkeys!!
    Where's tRumpy?.....
    Lost again?
    No mo' Wh.Hs. ........
    No PoopBois?......OOO PerCenters'.......
    Just court cases against a bunch 'o lamebrain shufflefucks
    that thought they could overthrow the gov. ....
    Let's use the gallows that they brought on Jan.6
    and see how well it works...
    ..worthless nincomfucks!!!

    VAX UP

    1. Haahahahahaha, make me you stupid ass science denier

  2. Actually he is right!

  3. Carl Roves' handy toy3/6/21, 12:43 AM

    Hey just made yourself...
    Keep your pants'll embarrass y'sef....


  4. The truth hurts.

  5. He is more then right. Many American women are the second fattest Women on Earth ( well, depends if your definition of women having a real vagina or a Ru paul one ). They dress like pigs in a blanket. The standard yoga pant, jogging jacket and ball cap. Unkept and many times unclean. And no one has the balls to say shit. Lack of basic pride. The new American't. You know it's bad when you have to ask yourself , Girl or guy ? Keep up the no pride. Make sure you chant sexism. How do them bitches wipe their ass with 5 inch nails. Think of all the fecal matter in your mcshitburger. They can talk on the cell 24/7 however.

  6. And yet he looks like he might have eaten a couple of wives. Weird.

  7. Paula Whites god shaped dildo3/6/21, 9:29 AM

    So,4:43....He's got his head up Gods Ass...
    and sounds like your is right beside him...
    ...been watching Stepford Wives again?
    If you support a tabernacle tickelfuck like this
    you deserve a 5lb. Tannerite suppository...
    and a kick in the balls to set it off...
    Glad to oblige ya'.....
    Praise god and keep suckin' TrumpMonkeys Dick...
    Down at the ODDFELLOWs Home........

  8. obesity (for womxn and men) is the number one comorbidity for Covid deaths. So don't fat shame anybody.... just feel sorry for them.

  9. He could lose about 50 pounds himself. I'm also not impressed by his attire either, a poorly fitting shirt dated and jeans.

  10. He is one too talk. He looks like he could hit the gym more regularly and cut back on the pizza and burgers.


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