Show-Me Progressives Admitting Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Likely To Replace Prez Trump As Next Conservative Icon

Rampant criticism focusing on Senator Hawley tacitly admits a point that our blog community announced last year . . . The Missouri politico is the MAGA Nextgen.

A Daily Beast column tacitly admits this truism over the weekend.

The bright side . . . Standup comics will now be forced to learn about the Show-Me State. Expect some pretty good jokes from late night stand-up comedians regarding discount wine boldly manufactured in the rural bootheel.

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Josh Hawley Is the Villain, and America Is the Victim

As time goes on, Donald Trump's future is coming to resemble the life cycle of the apocryphal Hollywood starlet. It starts with a producer calling out "Get me Donald Trump," proceeds to "get me aDonald Trump," and ends with "Who's Donald Trump?"


  1. even his supporters will likely come to see that trump's time has passed.

  2. Hawley better get busy, Trump's record of over 30,000 proven lies in four years will be hard to beat, and there's no other way any Republican can get into the White House for decades.


  3. All people have to do is look at what just happened the last four years and what happened at election time in Nov. Anyone who can't see who the real villains are is retarded or whats to be a victim. Look at what Biden has done! BTW Trump and people like Hawley are not going away and we will NEVER FORGET!

    No amount of evidence will ever persuade an IDIOT aka democrat. Mark Twain.

  4. ^^^ now that’s funny and true right there! Hahahahaha!

  5. 4:14 Russian troll

  6. Cuomo: Resigning Because Of Allegations Is Anti-Democratic…

    If you say so Guido but watching your arrogant, mafia f*ck wannabe, ass go down in flames is PRICELESS!


  7. Hawley for Prison 2024!

  8. 5:28 Hawley will own your punk ass, just wait, you’ll see!

    He’ll be busy the first month or so with executive orders countering all of chyna joes and the dimwit parties pro chyna, russia, Iran and the Ukraine and all anti American bull shit and then we can witness the mass imprisonments of the entire dimwit party, it’ll be the greatest thing that evar happened for real patriot Americans..... you commies pigs will spend the rest of your days in Guantanamo prisons! Roflmao!

  9. Hawley did what Bid Laden couldnt! Namely a successful attack on out Capital!

  10. Byron Funkhouser3/7/21, 8:43 PM

    pretty good jokes from late night stand-up comedians

    Correction Tony...

    The current crop of unfunny lefty late night talking heads is a poor excuse for "comdians".

    And, pretty good jokes is in itself a "JOKE".

  11. Hawley lacks charisma. Trump, for all the lies and bullshit, knew how to win over his people. Like Bill Clinton, he was able to communicate with the common man. Hawley is probably more genuine in his brand of populism than trump ever was but without charisma, the crowds aren’t going to die for you.

  12. Hawley has all the charm of a herpatic lesion. He’s Ted Cruz in a suit that actually fits.

  13. The very mention of Hawley's name makes liberal heads explode; that indicates (A) they're terrified and (B) He's doing something right.

    He has three years to build a massive base, and the media has three years to try and paint him as a monster.

    Should be fun to watch.

  14. And yet by 2024 Hawley will be so irrelevant that he'll be happy if he merits a footnote in the history of the Trump insurrection. Weird.

  15. Hard to run a campaign from jail.


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