Show-Me COVID Vaxx Travel Refund?!?!

A cranky Missouri dude from the wrong side of I-70 demands satisfaction and shows us the way to more pandemic relief . . . Read more:

St. Louis man wants Missouri to pay his travel expenses after driving 282 miles for vaccine shot

ST. LOUIS ( -- As more mass vaccination events are planned and underway in the St. Louis area, some residents said they're still traveling hours to get an appointment. Michael Meredith, from Creve Coeur, said he was pre-registered with almost every health department and hospital system nearby.


  1. more power to him as he highlights the incompetence of leadership.

  2. Eat a bag of shit old man!

  3. This guy is a whiner. He chose to make that long drive instead of waiting for availability somewhere closer. And then has the nerve to blame others for his own choice.

  4. Facui says he should have worn seven masks and Saran Wrap over his mouth and nose to stay safe until the vaccine came to a place near him.

  5. 4:24 dead on the money, most of these whiny bitches sighed up for multiple places outside of their area, serves his ass right for cutting in front of someone in the area where he went. This pussy would probably have shoved his own mother out of the way to get that shot. I hope he had to drive that many miles twice because douchebags like him deserve it!


  6. He's gotta be a democrat.

    1. He does have that unhappy scowl on his face and your average democrat is outraged almost daily.

      I bet Byron and MoRage (perfect name) have that look too..

  7. Nope. He's an old Republican with entitlement issues.


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