Friday, March 26, 2021

Prez Biden Awards Big Bucks For Distributing Kansas City COVID Vaxx

Pandemic stimmy offers a nice deal for cowtown purveyors of the plague cure.

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Kansas City-area clinics receive nearly $50 million in federal aid for vaccines

Nearly 50 health centers in Kansas and Missouri will receive close to $187 million to fill gaps in access to the COVID-19 vaccine as part of President Biden's American Relief Plan, a more than $1.9-trillion relief and stimulus package Congress passed earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

Right keep printing that money you dumb son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes. just like we did when Trump was president. You dumb son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

is anyone tracking where the funds are actually going ? hell no.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is a corrupt, fraudulent President.

The country is now controlled by Communists who control the Democrat Party.

Democrat Party hates America.

Anonymous said...

^No he isn't.

No, it isn't.

No, they don't.

Damn, you're stupid.