Mugshot: Kansas City Multimillion-Dollar Meth Ring Confronts Indictment

Tonight's we share a glimpse at the (alleged) local drug trade and the continued law enforcement effort to try to curb an insatiable American demand.

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8 Indicted for $4.1 million Kansas City meth conspiracy

KANSAS CITY- Eight defendants have been indicted by a federal grand jury for their roles in a $4.1 million conspiracy to distribute more than 520 kilograms of methamphetamine, according to the United States Attorney. Tina Marie Bailey, 36, and Martin Lee Williams, 58, both of Kansas City, Mo.; Mark Williams Hildebrand II, 31, and Harry Richard Watson Jr., also known as "Ricky," 35, of St.


  1. Was Hugo Chavez arrested too? Or a cabal of minibike riding clowns? Oh gurl!

  2. Hey Puma, there's no bad publicity, right?

  3. That barely scratches the surface. Good they're trying though.

  4. Legalize and tax it, Lickass needs the money.

  5. Just look at that Piece of Shit! Bahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!


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