Sunday, March 07, 2021

Kansas Guv Kelly Declares COVID Memorial

An occasion to help the Sunflower State survivors celebrate face masks and hand washing. 

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Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly proclaims March 7 COVID Memorial Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sunday, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly proclaimed March 7, 2021, as COVID Memorial Day in the state to honor those that have lost their lives to the virus. Kelly said she chose the day because March 7 marks one year since the first recorded case of COVID-19 in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

kelly vaccinated young state workers before seniors.

that was wrong: it contributed to more senior deaths while the young state workers were never going to die of corona.

kelly = cuomo

Anonymous said...

kansas needs a desantis as governor, but we don't have anybody that smart in the whole state.

no thanks to kobach, colyer, bollier, davids.

pompeo? he's not in kansas anymore, toto.

Anonymous said...

Look, Kansans love nonentities as politicians, such as Kelly and Marshall.

They can't remember their names nor anything about them, and they like it that way. Bland is beautiful.

Same thing for that other senator but I can't remember his name.

Anonymous said...

Is it also LGBT ? Maybe HIV ?..You know, be Pc hip.

Tab said...

A memorial to remind everyone that niether het or sharece davids lifted a finger to help but instead worked as stooges for the dnc to bring in thousands of unchecked illeagals and dump them in our midst.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear the world is to small for you so kindly fuck off