Kansas City White Ladies Secretly Keep More Baggage Than Anyone Else

This Spring Cleaning report reminds us that middle-class house wives aren't as innocent as they might seem. Today's "Karen" was likely a wildcat in the early 2000s before she settled for her boring husband because of his great middle-management job.

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Homegrown - Spring Clean: Closet Edit and Audit

I can Harry Houdini our home and my life to trick anyone into thinking I've got it together. Spilled milk? Throw a blanket over it! Kids toys? Toss them downstairs. Counter clutter? Shove it in a drawer. At the surface our house seems orderly and tidy, but don't you dare open a drawer or closet.


  1. Well that is because black ladies spend all of their money on drugs to keep their kids daddy's at home. Drugs just don't take up that much space.

  2. Yes, lots of junk in the trunk on KCMO white ladies...

  3. It's no surprise that Karens are hoarders. Kinda goes without saying since they are marked by their emotional instability.

  4. Lots of Karens slept around with 10 or 20 guysin the 1990's or 2000's, then needed a higher standard of living and got married to a well to do guy. Then they cheat on their husbands. Some women working at Sprint, yes, over by Town Center shopping area, used to "troll" Town Center on their lunch hour to find men, total strangers and then have sex with them in their cars. It was like a competition among the Sprint girls to see who could nab a man that day. Or if they all could. And their husbands still dont know to this day. Funny that many of those women worked in the "Marketing Area" of Sprint. Guess it was on the job practice for them

  5. ^^^ I know that's b.s. but it still makes me laugh. Nicely done.


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