Kansas City Sad New Hotness: Gunfire Facial

At the outset of this week new noted a tragic incident wherein 100 shots were fired and a poor soul suffered a bullet to the face.

Tonight this confrontation was a bit lower key but offered a similar result.

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Police: Person shot in face at gas station near 3700 E Gregory Boulevard in stable condition

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KCPD is investigation a shooting near a Phillips 66 gas station on E Gregory Boulevard that sent one person to the hospital. Police say officers were flagged down at about 6 p.m. and found a person who had been shot in the face.


  1. Quinton Lucas why don't you get off of your lazy ass and do something about this. What is wrong with you?

  2. ^He will when you will Maude.

  3. Joe Biden's rising gas prices are pissing homies off at the gas pump !!

    Thanks China Joe !!

    How's Mayor Willie Brown's leftovers doing for you China Joe ??

    China Joe, everyone knows you been sniffing down there ...........

  4. Ya, ok, but it is Q's job, not mine...retard.

  5. And yet gas is actually cheaper now then when Trump was President. Where’s the $5.00 gas at? Weird.

  6. Go look at the graph retard, gas prices climbing steadily...weird.

  7. Yet I did look at the graph and I couldn't read it. Weird.

  8. I looked at the graphs and found that gas prices were higher than now in January 2020 when Trump was President. Thank you Joe Biden for lowering gas prices!


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