Kansas City Overnight Gunfire Report

Quick glimpse at two shooting scenes worth watching for our late night readers . . .

41 Action News: 2 injured, 1 critically, in shooting in 2300 block of College Avenue

KMBC: Independence police investigating homicide at QuikTrip off Highway 291

Developing . . .


  1. That’s not far from the soon to be open marijuana warehouse at 23rd and Indiana, that’s right off the 23rd street exit from I-70.

    Just wait till that place starts business there, the killings will be huge.

  2. Dang Amish.

  3. Channel 41 is not a credible news source.

  4. If the revs really want to re-name a street, College Avenue should be their first choice.
    "College" implies a certain achievement or at least education in education, which clearly don't apply here.
    Maybe "Glock Parkway".
    That has a nice ring to it, and most certainly better represents the ongoing activity on that street.
    But so many other streets in KCMO should also be in the running.

  5. Blacks

  6. Glock parkway LOL

  7. The real question is did the victims have masks on? If not, then McKneely will let the shooters off and give them the keys to the city in recognition of their public service stopping those scumbag virus-spreading low-life punks.

  8. Why don't you rename all of the KC Streets east of Troost after the esteemed leader, Bill Cosby.

  9. Ah, the noise of the savage tom-tom. Beware the tribes! Enjoy their music and dancing, but avoid them at other times!

  10. It’s always President Trump and HIS supporters!!
    I’m sure TKC knows there was a Covid Vaccine spot in the 18th & Vine area yesterday, Inner City, that had hundreds of shots still available at the end of the day....but TKC would rather talk about Trump tans the idea of getting his supporters vaccinated instead of what was going on in his own City? Please Explain.....


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