Kansas City MLK Park Rebuild Begins

Kansas City's star QB helps renovate this local resources that was neglected over the years and now launches a comeback in the aftermath of civil unrest and what seemed like endless local debate over tribute to an iconic civil rights leader.

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Groundbreaking held for Martin Luther King, Jr. park that Patrick Mahomes' foundation will help build

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After months of planning, the Kansas City Parks Department and the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation broke ground on a new plan for Martin Luther King, Jr., Square Park, Monday afternoon. Mahomes' foundation is helping the Kansas City Parks and Recreation board put an all-inclusive play site at the park.


  1. disgusting

  2. Any thing bullet proof to hide behind ? Maybe a cast iron MLK head eight feet tall with rifle ports built in.


  3. More kissing the black squeaky wheels ass. It will all be tore up and covered with graffiti by August.

  4. Whites built the park. Blacks destroyed the park.
    Now white will rebuild the park.

    Give the white man a pile of bricks and he will build a city.

    Give blacks a city and he will produce a pile of bricks.

    Would love to see the video of white volunteers doing all the work. Once they leave the thugs will move back in and destroy.

  5. Bulldoze it down. Its racist towards non black kansas citians. Its a tribute to H8 speach.

  6. Byron Funkhouser3/15/21, 6:40 PM

    6 oh one winner chicken dinner!!!

  7. Fuck em! Their woke asses piss themselves because there is rope on a climbing net.

  8. Charles Whitman3/15/21, 9:37 PM

    A park named for MLK doesn't matter. The goal is a boulevard.


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