Kansas City Hugs & Handshakes Comeback Despite COVID Fear?!?

Doctors debate personal contact as the plague hopefully comes to an end and MSM works to establish new norms for Americans uncertain of etiquette following global social upheaval.

Read more and as always, ASK FOR LEGIT CONSENT before putting hands on people . . .

Doctors debate health dangers of hugs, handshakes

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- If you're the type of person who has been missing hugs and handshakes, good news! The doctors at the University of Kansas Health Systems say it's okay to give a hug to someone you love, but the topic did spur somewhat of a debate.


  1. Trump said Covid was just like a cold and would go away magically. Well then why did he get the Covid Vaccine along with his wife 2 months ago? And he already has immunity from his illness back in September?

    Maybe cause its killed more USA citizens than WW1, WWII and Korea?

  2. Dementia Joe3/6/21, 12:49 AM

    You need to find a cure for TDS.

  3. Good Lord get a life Karen!

  4. Karen is awake and wanting to explore life outside of (its) basement. Please do not calm the child, look at the effects mommy's calming has done so far.

  5. My '70 Mustang3/6/21, 11:56 AM

    Well, TranzyBandiddy.....is the Lord good to you?
    Just ask the kids on the Shriners ads....what kind of a god does those things to children?
    My god fixes those 'blessings'...
    Mod.Sci. and rational thinking is ruining all of god's blessings to us.....
    Might even fix that '68 TransAm you got sittin' in your Gay-rage....


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