Kansas City First Friday COVID Comeback

Not really.

First Friday hasn't been the same since Erin Langhofer was tragically gunned down in the midst of rowdy celebration.

Still, our 2nd favorite hipsters in town are busy hyping the comeback that won't be nearly as enthusiastic as their stock photos indicate . . . Read more:

Enjoy First Friday at grand reopening of Upper Level Gallery featuring Spring Break exhibition

Spring has sprung and this upcoming First Friday will celebrate the grand reopening of Upper Level Gallery featuring the Spring Break exhibition and DJ Sheppa. Many visiting and local artists will be featured in Spring Break, a group exhibition in partnership with SpraySeeMO.


  1. When does the first murder occur?


  2. Cute isn't he? With his rams horn gestures. Someone needs to tell him Satan lost the battle years ago.

  3. Unfortunately, that photo pretty well describes what First Friday had degenerated into by the time it mostly expired well before the pandemic.
    Anyone actually interested in art should be sure to leave their wallets in the car and the galleries should be sure everything in their places of business is locked down.
    KCMO sophistication on the move!

  4. Wow. The circus is back. Don’t stay past 5 PM, you will be putting your life in danger.

  5. Wow. Ghetto beats and the Hepatitis Kid here. How could one stay away?


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