Kansas City COVID Vaxx Mandate FAILS

There's still a rush to get the COVID vaxx in the Kansas City metro and local providers are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

Conservatives are slowly coming along . . .

Forbes: Here’s Why McConnell Has Been Urging ‘All Republican Men’ To Get Vaccinated

Meanwhile, here's a very real local concern regarding the poke-fest and the unlikely proposition of vaxx law that both progressives & conservatives feared . . .

Fox4: Requiring a COVID-19 vaccine may not be easy for metro businesses or universities

Deets as Col. Sanders explains why people are so chicken about this vaxx:

“It’s controversial,” Dr. Lee Norman, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said during a Facebook Live with the University of Kansas Health on Tuesday. “Our state legislature is doing things so that by statute that can be prevented for businesses, academic institutions and even health care settings.” Norman is taking about Senate Bill 213. Authored by Sen. Mark Steffen, R-Hutchinson, it would prohibit an employer from penalizing an employee over a vaccination status. The bill was introduced in February and is currently in committee.

In the past, hospitals have required employees to get flu shots and students are required to receive certain vaccinations before enrolling in school. The biggest difference between those vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines is that the COVID-19 vaccines are still being offered under Emergency Use Authorization."

Developing . . .


  1. The Forbes headline is the most disingenuous load of crap ever.

  2. "Here’s Why McConnell Has Been Urging ‘All Republican Men’ To Get Vaccinated"

    Darwin would NOT approve!

  3. I urge all Republican men to NOT get vaccinated.

    The fewer the better

  4. The following should tell you all you need to know about the Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines".

    If I get vaccinated….

    Can I stop wearing the mask?
    Government: No

    Can the restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. reopen and everyone work normally?
    Government: No

    Am I resistant to covid?
    Government: Maybe, but we don’t know for sure…..meaning NO

    At least I am no longer contagious to others?
    Government: No, you can still pass it on, possibly, no one knows.

    If we vaccinate all children, will school go on as normal?
    Government: No

    If I am vaccinated, can I stop social dissociation?
    Government: No

    If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?
    Government No

    If I vaccinate myself and my grandpa, can we hug?
    Government: No

    Will movie theaters, theaters and stadiums reopen thanks to vaccines?
    Government: No

    May the vaccinated be able to gather [events; parties, weddings etc].
    Government: No

    What is the real benefit of vaccination?
    Government: The virus will not kill you.

    Are you sure it won’t kill me?
    Government: No

    If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway…. Why should I get vaccinated?
    Government: To protect others.

    So if I get vaccinated, others are 100% sure I won’t infect them?
    Government: No, we are not sure.

    If I get vaccinated, but still catch the virus, can I sue the manufacturer? What if someone in my family contracts the virus, after vaccination, then dies. Can I sue the manufacturer?

    Government: No, we passed a law holding the manufacturers harmless from ANY deleterious effects from the virus.


  6. Darwinism smiles because of the unhinged conspiracy theorists who choose political / religious belief over reasonably accepted science. The species is stronger when the fools are no longer around to breed.

    Now returning to your regularly scheduled collection of fears about pedo politicians, basement pizza sex rings, and Bill Gates...

  7. ^^ https://www.yahoo.com/news/report-rep-matt-gaetz-under-investigation-for-sexual-relationship-with-17-year-old-221819113.html

  8. PREVAGEN JOE3/30/21, 6:57 PM

    Byron, why don't you just bother folks in your area. Actually, it's because they don't fucking care what you think.

    Your stupid lefty comments here, on a local blog, are somewhat like an anti-fa asshole being electronically bused in, pretending to have skin in the local game.

    Residents have a right to bitch and moan over this failing dim run shitty.

    You, however, don't! You pay no taxes here. You purchase no goods here. Your brother Mark and His wife, Mrs Mayor Gloria (who can't stand you) have long departed. So no family ties. You simply have no reason to post on here except this is the only place in the entire country who will allow to do so.

    No denizen of the KC metro gives a shit what you have to say. Go up to Minneapolis and jerk off with the mooselimb buds.

    Even Chimpy-weird has a local zoo address. So go away.

  9. 5:59: Then you should definitely not get the vaccine. Our species will thank you.

  10. I hope this state rep is fine with being treated at a hospital by a non mask wearing, non flu vaccinated non covid tested heath care provider.


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