Kansas City COVID Vaxx En Español

The push for the plague cure continues among local diverse communities, here's one more facet of the conversation . . . Check-it:

Kansas City groups help immigrants get COVID-19 vaccine- The Beacon

Kansas City's immigrant and refugee population face challenges with getting information about the COVID-19 vaccine in their languages and signing up to get the vaccine. But Kansas City organizations are starting initiatives to help, like creating messaging around the COVID-19 vaccine for immigrants in their own languages, placing medical interpreters at community vaccine events and having one-on-one conversations with immigrants about their feelings on the COVID-19 vaccine.


  1. Lower age and requirements fast. Their sales pitch is running out of suckers.

  2. ^^Idiot, the vaccine is saving lives.

  3. Did ewe get my earlier note Byron? Here it is again just in case.

    Don't let 'em get you down Byron Boi. So glad you're movin' to KC to give your insightful comments at least a modicum of local validity.

    We'll make a great team, and show these magats what for.

    Even though brother Funk and sis-in-law Gloria claim you're a mental case, I'm anxiously awaitin' your arrival wit lots of warm KY and Prep H.

    Your soon to be butt buddy.

    Luv, Chimpster

  4. The Biden/Harris administration is proposing the United States of America change its name to North Mexico.

  5. ^^Your diaper is full.

    1. Your skull is not. Dang! Lolol


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