Kansas City Arrowhead Mega Vaxx Winning

Amid partisan pandemic politics here's an inconvenient fact:

Republican Missouri Guv Parson championed an EPIC COVID vaxx event in the Kansas City 3rd District urban core that quickly surpassed local effort from city hall and health department leaders. He was helped by a bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers who hit pause on their debates for a few days to encourage locals to participate. Mayor Quinton Lucas was not a major part of the planning or promotion as he weighs a Senate run.

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Chiefs: 8,000 vaccinated at two-day event Arrowhead Stadium

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- Over 8,000 individuals were vaccinated Friday and Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium, according to the Kansas City Chiefs. The mega-vaccination event, termed by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, is the largest so far in Missouri. On Friday, about 3,600 Missourians received coronavirus shots.


  1. Byron Funkhouser3/20/21, 9:57 PM

    Thank You Governor!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bout fucking time! Why gave so many had to drive to Bumfuck Missouri till now?

  3. I did not make the comment at 9:57.

  4. Governor Parsons saves Kansas City while Professor / Mayor Lucas chases young men at the University of Kansas gay bars.

  5. COVID virus scam from the gitgo... folks will be sorry falling for bill gates and fauci scam to take vaccine having no knowledge on long range consequences of vaccines and what ingredients are in it. The next year will be interesting on the cover up of how many folks are still here after shots.

    Behind fear folks that have nothing wrong with health will regret this.

    Do you take chemotheropy because a friend does? No, do you take asprin because your neighbor has a headache, no...

    Do you ask why are there's multiple pharmaceutical companies making different vaccines for the same scam virus.

    How many of these folks setting up these vac sites are connected to bill gates purse strings and took cash in exchange to get folks to take shots.

    What about therapeutics hydroxycloriquine ivermectin and other proven drugs?

    700 club had admission that vaccines do have tracking chips in them.

    Folks truth about vac scam and virus scam concealed from masses.
    99 percent recovery rate without vaccine.
    No decernment or wisdom trickery and fear used to force folks to vaccinate and continue wearing MASK while the scammers track and trace those folks who bowed to vaccine behind a lie. Rand paul robert kennedy jr.,laura ingram and bitchute.com busted out covid scam.


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