Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Kansas City 12th & Oak Broadcasting Hype

No idea why City Hall shares their weekly roundup on a Tuesday. Too late to set the agenda and far too early for a roundup of recent events.

And so this glimpse at life according to 12th & Oak isn't good for anything else but providing a good enough placeholder for TKC.

Local government line . . .

"The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments."

But it's mostly just cowtown propaganda. Take a peek:

Hopefully, we'll have more news, links, clips, jokes and good stuff for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Really nice to see Q has stopped kcmo violence.


Anonymous said...

I thought the part about planting seed in KC parks was going to be way nastier and more interesting. I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are we getting a BLM amusement park ?

Anonymous said...