EPIC Kansas City Northland Dispute Betwixt Pig & Dog Inspires Machete Attack

When this blog notes news items from the "nicer side of the bridge" that's often a relative term.

Here's a local dispute exposing brutal life in nearby rural areas of the metro:

Video captures Northland man hitting dog with machete after it attacked his pet pig

Editor's note: Some might find footage in the video above graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. PLEASANT VALLEY, Mo. - Surveillance video captured a Northland man striking his neighbor's dog with a machete in his yard Saturday. Pleasant Valley police said this is still under investigation.


  1. Chimpy doesn't like anything messing with this girlfriend.

  2. You would think they were from Arkansas.

  3. Funny, this episode didn’t make the 45 version of the Monkees’s PleasantValley Sunday.

  4. My neck of the woods we would've just shot it. You want to be ghetto with trash dogs, you get trash dogs dealt with. Unfortunately it's still alive.

  5. Pig

  6. 8:43 hates anyone messing with his gay boy toys.

    That dog needs to be put down second time it's attacked something. Tell by the firewood by the fence line the dog has gone under it before.

  7. thank God the police in that jurisdiction enforce the leash laws and the laws about confining animals.

    the dog had jumped the fence once before this incident

    sad about the dog but certainly the owner of the pig is not supposed to let the neighbor's trespassing (again) dog attack his own pet.

    importance of leash laws, just sayin

    importance of not letting your dogs out ever not ever off a leash in the city! please

    there are a lot of non profit orgs in KC pushing pushing pushing adoption of rescue dogs rescue this dog, the pets, the welfare of the pets! but what about following up on the impact and externalities of all those adoption dogs being pushed on people who don't have the money or time or discipline to property own the dog so as not to create a lot of externalities for others, dog biting, barking, shitting, etc etc.

  8. Surprise, surprise, surprise, pit bull attacks...........(maybe a child)

    My backyard + this dog = dead dog due to lead poisoning.


  9. whacking a dog with a machete?..the pig-owner with the douche-bag beard looks like some retired Democrap greedy UAW slob..

    pull the doggie away..kick him, hit him with a stick..but slamming a machete on the doggies head?? chickenshit.

  10. Nowhere in this World is a Pig a PET!
    It's a damned farm animal!
    Anyone knows how much dogs love bacon, this was a clear-cut case of inticement.

  11. Pit Bulls need to be canceled. Sterilize all of them and don't breed anymore. Every dog owner is 100% responsible for his dog, and keeping it under control. 90% of Pit Bulls are sweet dogs, but 10% is screwball, which is what professional dogfighters call them. In fact, a professional will kill a screwball as a puppy; because traditional dog fighters (and Yes, Missourah has some) bathe an opponent's dog, to make sure there is not poison in its fur. A screwball would not tolerate a stranger bathing it. Most owners are screwball, too. That was a good kill of a bad dog. Now the owners should go to jail.


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