Witness Kansas City Catholic End Game

The ranks of the faithful decline over the years and this Latino community lady is the last person keeping vigil as she closes the books on a fading tradition.

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Altar Society treasurer does it by the book till the last

by Marc and Julie Anderson mjanderson@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. - All good things must come to an end. Or, so the old saying goes. For 94-year-old Nadine Conejo, a member of Blessed Sacrament Parish in Kansas City, Kansas, it seems the time has come for her to close out the books a final time.


  1. $5.00 in 1958 is equivalent to $45.26 2021. then the church also recommends 10% of monthly earnings for sunday collection plates during a months time.

    so an average of just over $30.00 per month back then in addition to the $5.00 she requested for alter society - hmm. sounds lucrative.

  2. In my traditional Latin Mass parish, the Altar Society is thriving. Average age is around 30. Average family size is around six kids. Some have nine or more. As the modern lib wing of the church dies off between age and contraception, ours grows. My friends don't worry about the libs. They say they will outbreed them!LOL

  3. The Catholic Church makes 3 great lies:

    1. Jesus is a total failure, his death did NOT pay for all sins, for all time.

    2. Mary is alive, has special powers, and can get your prayers in front of God

    3. Since Jesus failed miserably to save you from your sins - you can do it yourself in purgatory, by doing good deeds, attending mass, giving money to church, walking thru certain doors at the Vatican City on certain dates, buying indulgences (still sold in NYC), repeating prayers, visiting holy sites, praying to Mary (a dead Jewish woman) who will present your case to God, as Jesus is not effective, and of course confessing your sins to a ungodly priest instead of to God. What blasphmany. The Catholic church appears to be a path to heaven - but its a portal to hell.

  4. i guess here in america it's o.k for you to say all of that gibberish 1:39 but as for myself and others - if you feel better after leaving mass, confession, or a stations of the cross, for examples, then the church has succeeded in what it was intended to do - just sayin'.

  5. The Catholic church is 95% man made traditions, rules and gobbly goop. The other 5% is a loose use of the Christian religion just to make it seem valid.

    Any religion that has a 2,000 year history of child rape, murder, huge grabs for wealth, popes killing each other off with poison, collections of gold, silver, diamonds, jewels, rare art, and of course the assistance of helping Nazis kill jews is not the true religion of God.

    Its a false religion.

  6. something else - there is no hell. you need to realize that....... or keep believing there is. doesn't matter to most.

  7. possibly 95% man made but realize that the rules or beliefs weren't all thought of all at the same time - good things take time.

    look at it this way if you choose. we were here before you and we will be here after you.

  8. "if you feel better after leaving mass, confession, or a stations of the cross, for examples, then the church has succeeded in what it was intended to do - just sayin".

    So the Church's purpose is to make you "feel better"? Like LSD, beer or pot?

    What about the salvation of your eternal soul? So you feel better till you die, then your soul goes straight to hell, to be with Satan, Hitler, demons and you are miserable for all eternity! (But you felt better during your brief life?).

  9. 2:02 - all the people that have died and are in Hell right now certainly believe in Hell! And they are all screaming out to Jesus, the only being that could save them, but its too late. They don't scream out to Mary or the saints - they know they were deceived about Mary - she was a human. The Bible says even Satan and the angels believe in God, but you don't?

    "possibly 95% man made but realize that the rules or beliefs weren't all thought of all at the same time - good things take time" - so your religion is man made, based on the times, and current trends - that is the sign of a cult.

    God made a true religion before the earth was formed-but you reject that and his Bible which is his set in concrete rules. Go ahead and add Mary and idols, and ruin it. The Catholic Church is like a glass of 90% pure water - the other 10% is cyanide. The 10% will kill you.

  10. There was a religion before the earth was made. It is : there is one God and you will follow him. Satan was the top angel in Heaven once. So Satan broke that rule and tried to "be like God" and was cast out of heaven, along with 1/3 of the angels who agreed with Satan and hell was made for them and people like them.

    Same religion today : there is 1 God and you follow him. Break the rule and you will be cast off the earth and go to hell also.

    Idolatry is praying to Mary and the Saints - making them a God, so they are a "your new God" that you follow - that will get you to hell fast! There is only 1 God.

  11. Somewhere as I type this, this very moment, a "Holy Priest" is sticking his erect male sex organ member up inside the anus of a squeeling crying young boy or girl. What a religon!

  12. Catholic Prayer scam:

    You can't pray to God cause he is powerful, mysterious and very busy, Jesus can be tough and mad at you for your offending sins, so pray to Mary instead. Jesus loves Mary, so she will take your prayers and present them to Jesus, he will then answer them as a favor to Mary. Or Jesus will take the big "cure me of cancer" prayers to God, as Jesus is looked favorable on by God. Then maybe God will answer your "big" prayers.

    If Mary is busy, and you get no answer, then pray to the saints, they will get the prayer to Mary somehow. If the Saints dont get the prayers, give money and go to church more often.


  13. Salvation is not a reward for rightous people,
    Salvation is a gift to guilty sinners who repent.

    Human good works is a corrupt different gospel that will not save you from Hell, most "good people" will be in hell someday. Your good works are like taking a year long worldwide cruise on the finest cruise ship in the world, and the trip ends, and just before you get off, and its time to pay, you go to the cashier to pay, and proudly present the cashier with a shiny penny for the whole trip's cost! Your good works DONT CUT IT. Your sins far outweigh any good works you do.

  14. eternal soul - after i die if my spirit/soul chooses to cut grass with the next door neighbor it will. maybe help this little kid ride his bicycle down the street if there's a way to make that work. maybe hitch a ride with a red tailed hawk for awhile, if that's possible we'll see one day.

    yes, there's a God. someone or some super power made all of this i.e., greater than any human being. has this supreme being just simply left it all behind for the rest of us mere mortals to relish, appreciate, praise or ruin - it's not for me to say really but who really knows and who really sees? my opinion for today is one of "all you and i can do is just guess".

  15. "all you and i can do is just guess"?

    So someone claiming to be God showed up 2,000 years ago and healed every type of illness in milliseconds, make the waters calm during a huge storm, and walk on water and turn water into wine and turn a few pieces of bread into enough food to feed thousands and predict the future of countries, and cast out demons from people, and raise many of his friends from the dead, and re-attach the ear of a soldier in 1/100 of a second, and tell people their past without knowing them, and fullfill all the Old Testament rules pertaining to God returning, and then predict he would die and rise again in 3 days, and when he was killed the sky went black during the day, there was earthquakes and the dead rose from nearby graves and walked to their homes in nearby cities, then in 3 days he came back from the dead and was able to talk and eat as usual, and was seen by thousands for days afterwards before he was seen by hundreds rising in the sky and he left Bible to fortell anything that God wants us to know at this time...but you GUESS? And you might become a red tailed hawk when you die? Really?

  16. it is right to believe everything you've typed but do you really believe it. all you can really do is just hope that is true - why wouldn't be.

  17. Well when the Roman executioner, who performed hundreds of crucifictions during the Romans occupation of Jerusalem starts screaming in horror that he killed just the "Son of God", which would be a death penalty for him (as Christ was killed for technically just calling himself God's son) and the Jewish historian who hated Jesus, named Josephus documented the dead rising as soon as Christ died and also many of the miracles (he said the devil gave Christ the power to do them) then it appears something supernatural occured.

    Now if you can cure blindness, deafness, paralysis and raise people from the dead without any equipment - then I would be open to admitting that I am wrong. Can you raise someone who has been dead several days from the dead? Please let me know. And if I can kill you, then you come back to life I will accept that as proof also.

  18. when in doubt just simply believe.

  19. People's eyes and minds are blinded by sin. They dont want to see God. Or think about him. No time in their schedule. Plus God would interfere in their future plans. But some who aren't completely blind, they "make up their own God", like nature, the ocean, the thought of reincarnation, peace, meditation. But that won't help them on judgement day. Yes people hate the word "punishment", but they will actually hate the actual punishment they are given more than anything (except God) someday. Most people would really want to go to heaven, IF God was not there. He is a spoil sport to them. So Let the evil go where they belong - away from the good, for all time. Thats in God's plan.

  20. Catholics think if they go to church often and are involved they will go to heaven when they die.

    Adolph Hitler attended church and was even in the choir. So attendance means nothing. Dont believe me, Google that fact on about 50,000 history websites


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