Friday, February 19, 2021

Social Media Helps Hipsters Profit From Kansas City COVID Depression

Local real estate pr0n benefits savvy young investors as so many locals giving up on the American dream of home ownership offers a way for younger buyers (and real estate trusts) to scoop up distressed property.

Check this upbeat report on human misery and ensuing economic opportunity:

'Cheap Old Houses' taking over Instagram, Kansas City area as it inspires millennials

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Historic fixer-upper homes are getting extra attention on social media and selling at a high rate in the metro. "Cheap Old Houses" on Instagram is partly credited for the explosion, showcasing historic houses listed for under $100,000. The account has gained a faithful following since the start of the pandemic with [...]


Anonymous said...

look at old houses on Insta? thanks..much more fun checking out the posts of hottie blonde "influencers".

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yep.